Machine Learning and Data Engineering
for Health improvement


MLDE develops custom machine learning software.

Our team applies deep technological expertise in machine learning and data engineering to help clients deliver customer convenience at scale.
Our machine learning solutions empower clients to become more efficient, give better services and achieve measurable business outcomes.

Developing proccess

  • Data understanding
  • Data quality
  • Optimal model
  • Customer satisfaction

Data understanding

Our data engineers spend large amounts of time and effort understanding customer data and the business logic.

Data quality

Customer data is cleaned, sorted and improved in quality. This will probably be the longest stage of the whole process.

Optimal model

A mathematical model is developed (trained) from the client's data. It is re-trained and re-evaluated as many times as necessary, until an optimal model is achieved.

Customer satisfaction

The quality and suitability of the model is evaluated with new customer data. Return to the previous step until complete satisfaction.

Machine Learning software Tools



Machine learning library which helps to develop advanced ML models. The Google team developed it.

Amazon SageMaker

Amazon Sagemaker

Is a cloud-based and robust machine learning managed service widely used for creating models and generating predictions

Google Cloud ML Engine

Google Cloud ML Engine

It is a hosted platform where data scientists create and run complex machine learning models.